High PR Dofollow Profile Backlink List

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How to create profile backlink?

It is vary easy work to create a profile backlink.Different methods are used to create a profile backlink.For this you have to create account in various sites likehttp://www.joomlatune.com,http://www.yuku.com/ etc.All the techniques are more or less similar.But your target is specific.For example: You can give your url during registration.it may be during about me page, sometimes edit profile or sometimes as "add url" etc.At last your main target is to leave your link or website address.

Now,your url needs to crawl by serch engine.For this, you have to ping your url.PING means, calling the search engine to re-index a page.For, pinging a url you can use pingfarm.Go here and ping the url of the website.

Here is the list of 30 profile backlink links:
  http://jazz.net PR 7
  http://line6.com PR 6
 http://coffeegeek.com PR 6