Working in SEO

The day-to-day job for an SEO professional primarily revolves around three areas: Optimizing websites with keyword rich content, developing and executing linking strategies that increase page rank and tracking/monitoring the performance of their efforts across all major search engines. Some SEOs may focus on one of these areas more than others, but an expert in the industry maintains a solid understanding of all aspects of SEO and their approach to optimizing any website will reflect that. With the majority of all online traffic originating from search engines, it’s no wonder SEO jobs are still on the rise and these professionals so highly coveted.
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SEO Job Responsibilities

This is a list of responsibilities commonly associated with SEO jobs. Tip: use the keywords and phrases you find in job descriptions when writing your resume to improve your chance of getting noticed.

  • Develop keyword strategies
  • Eliminate duplicate content issues
  • Develop / improve information architecture
  • Manage link building and baiting
  • Design search engine friendly code
  • Edit copy and tag sets for desired keyword
  • Measure and analyze website ranking and traffic
  • Improve usability and website design

Common SEO Terms And Definations For Beginners

If you have a website or blog, or if you work with anything related to the Internet, you’ll certainly need to know a bit about search engine optimization (SEO). You should have to learn some commonly used SEO terms and definition for your blog or website.

SEO a word of 3 alphabets but doing a lot of help to the bloggers and webmasters.In internet you will find a lot of SEO terms and those are used continuously.

This is my first tutorial about SEO and hope you will find all SEO tutorials step by step.

Suppose you have a website with a lot of quality and informative posts.If you do not promote your blog with SEO, your visitors may not find your site in internet.Ultimately your all plan will die.If you promote your blog with SEO , you may able to get visitors in to your site and every one will know about your brand.You may already know that, SEO can be done in 2 ways.On page optimization and the another is offpage optimization.I want to talk about those in my later posts.But in this post I want to share about some commonly used SEO terms used in SEO.

What is Whitehat SEO?

Whitehat SEO which is according to Google terms and condition.There are several rules and regulations for SEO.SEO according to these rules called whitehat SEO.For example:A website should not built only for search engine but also for human.You may already know about the term keyword spam.If you use a single keyword many times in an article without information, it will be treated as keyword spam.Because you have done this for ranking in search engine.As a result this types of keywords have no potentiality.This type of SEO also called ethical SEO.

What is blackhat SEO?

I think you are already acquainted with this term blackhat SEO.Some common blackhat SEO are High keyword density ,spam backlink,keyword stuffing,doorway pages,invisible texts etc.If you use blackhat SEO your site may eliminated from search engines.

What is Backlink ?

I do not want to say about backlink.For formality, if your blog url present in another website as a dofollow link called backlink.Now everyone running behind the backlinks.Because backlink is the main 
arsenal to increase your PR.Backlink can be obtained in 2 forms.One is by anchored text and the another is by giving address.

What is outbound link?

Opposite of backlink.Means, a link from your website towards another websites.This is also called outgoing links.

What is internal link?

A link from a page of your blog to another page of your blog.This is called internal link.This inbound links can increase your pageviews.

What is Link popularity?

Link popularity also an ranking method used by search engines.This is depends on your quality backlinks.Search engines ranking partially depends on link popularity.There is difference between backlink and quality backlink.For example, if your blog topics about mobile but if your backlink from a ebook sites it is not a quality backlink.To increase your link popularity you need backlinks from related sites.

What is link Farm?

Link farm included in blackhat SEO.If you have 10 websites and if you create backlink from each other, it is called link farm.If search engine understand that tricks your site may be deleted from index list.

What is keyword stuffing?

This is also a blackhat SEO.Some people use a lot of keywords in an article by search them in Google adwords without considering information.As a result these sites get higher rank in search result.This sites will be treated as keyword stuffing.Some people also use invisible texts.

What is doorway page?

This is also included in Blackhat SEO.In this technique,at first the webmaster create a  page with good keywords.As, a result,this page get higher search rank.If any visitor comes to this page,visitor redirected to another page by link.This is called doorway page.

Keyword density?

Keyword density is the percentage of times a keyword or phrase appears on a web page compared to the total number of words on the page. In the context of search engine optimization keyword density can be used as a factor in determining whether a web page is relevant to a specified keyword or keyword phrase.

What is cloaking?

This is a very compound process and under blackhat SEO.By this method single pages are displayed to human and search engine differently.Means human read a topic but search engine know different things about the topic.

No more today friends.But want to come back with another tutorial.